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5:44 a.m. - June 24, 2004
Strip Bar Hoppin
I'm Dying. Seriously. Jill and I went out titty bar hoppin with Nick and Tim and Harry last night. FUCK we had fun but damn a couple of hours turned into 1 am. Now I have a hangover..A-Fucking-Gain. NICE

Why did we go? Well Nick and I were talking and Harry (he is from Germany and leaves on Tuesday to go home) wanted to go. Nick isnt into it but I told him he should...He said "well I might go with you but I dont wanna go and get all frustrated and go home alone". Then I get a call from Jill saying she wants to Dance at Capt'n Cream and I asked her if she had been I asked her if maybe she should check it out...UH YEA...So when and she says "well you and I are going tonight" ...SO I called Nick, Nick Called Harry and Tim......Game on!***breathe***

We hit Captain Cream's first cuz Jill had it in her head she wants to be a stripper. And she wanted to see if this was the bar to do it at since she is suposed to audition on monday. Yea okay lets check it out. I had heard the women at that bar were knockouts...Not REALLY...kinda Plain Jane. The gals in Texas are alot prettier. But they were all really nice. Wierd thing was they all kept coming by and kissing all of us on the cheek. Wierdos. Unfortunately it was a boring bar and there was no one there. Plus the guys werent into paying strippers to sit there so we all decided time to go...Harry was a scream he just had this glazed look on his face. He is really funny.

So we decided to leave and go to The Library...just down the road. We were all a bit drunk by then...Tim had actually started to talk and Harry was drooling...but the dancers??? YUK. Crack Ho's that needed a cheeseburger or they were just damn ugly. Fuck Jill and I were the best looking chicks in there. And to add insult to injury they were rude. Fuckin funny Tim Kept yelling.."Yo Bitch!" That was a screamer!!! (Ill have pics of all of us this weekend...)

Well by the close of the evening the talk of Cheeseburgers made Jill and I want food so we were outty...(no I didnt and wasnt going home with Nick...Not yet anyways) She informed me that she does NOT wanna strip now and that Richard is an idiot and thats that. So that goodness maybe this phase is over.

On a different note...I am making a list of who I think is Lame and why...So check back periodically for "The Lame List".



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