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2:29 p.m. - June 24, 2004
Lame Fuck List Part 1
This is a the first list of people I think are Lame and why....Please note i will be making other Lame Lists...DO NOT get on it...if you do...It sux to be you.


Jason ~ For wanting me to hook him up with Tracy

Jimmy ~ For wanting me to hook him up with Jill

Fat Head ~ For all the OBVIOUS reasons and a few more

Joe ~ For calling and wanting to go on a date and not saying when

Roman ~ For never showing up

Chantel ~ For becoming an Amazon and sucking the life outta any room she enters

Gina ~ For being the role Model for flakes

Jeff ~ For Being a cling-on whine bag

Clarissa ~ For being a Suck Ass Prima Donna and making me wanna shank people

Tom ~ For being a Nazi Fag Hotel GM

Amber ~ For having 50 containers of Yogurt in the fridge

Gillick ~ For being a lying, cheating Jew

Brian Best ~ For the never ending yammer

Shaun ~ For fuckin with my car

Richard ~ For being a Pussy Mexican long hair poser

Mike D ~ For stealing the Nubber

Chad ~ For being a Stink Bug and a phone call freak crack head

Frank ~ For being utterly forgettable and full of shit

Mark ~ For being drunk all the damn time

Erica ~ For having NO Balls

RB ~ For being a shitty liar and a mooch

Ronna ~ For waiting for a job to come find her & charging 500 bux to sleep on her floor

Myra ~ For being the Temp Receptionist from HELL

Alex ~ For not ever HELPING me when i need it

Ryan ~ For thinking emailing pix of his Dick will get him a date

APW ~ For being a Monkeys Ass Company



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