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5:45 a.m. - June 28, 2004
Things are all Fucked up
Things are fucked up royally.

Friday night I stayed home...I prolly shoulda the rest of the weekend.

Saturday night originally Jill and I were gonna go to The MArlin Bar in HB and see Nick play. But Mark put she and I on the guest list for Bang Tango at the pressbox in Anaheim. I had never actually met Mark face to face and his best friend Danny was going so we said WTF. Jill and I told Lance cuz she decided that she liked him and I figgered she could have him to shoot pool.

Well we get there and Mark is right at the door and he is just as yummy as I had thought he would be. Danny is at the bar so Jill and I position ourselves at the it was Mark, Danny, Me, Jill and Lance (who was already there).

Mark is up running around and Danny and I start talking, which was cool and then to make a long story short a few shots later and stuff he and I ended up kissing.

Now let me add that before I got there, I hadnt spoken to Mark in weeks really and he had alot of ex-girlfriend, road tour drama and just basically had talked himself into being mad at me for no real reason....Anyways, I know it isnt any excuse for the behavior but there was no real communication between Mark and I at all for a long time. So I figgered it was game on.

Well as the night progressed I made Danny take Mark outside and talk to him

cuz Mark was acting like a freak. And when Danny came back he said everything was Ok and that Mark was fine. RIGHT

All this time Mya I add Jill and Lance are off god knows where doing god knows what...fine...

So, towards the end of the evening Jill and Lance and Danny and I are at the bar and Danny excuses himself to go to the bathroom. He never returns. So I told Jill lets go and we walked out to go to the cars and leave. Thats when Mark comes up and asks where Danny is. We are all like...."uh you dont know?" and Mark looked and said his car was gone. Fuckin Great. So I go back in and get Dannys Credit Card and sit and wait for Mark to load out. I cant leave him there. So anyways, long story short I end up bringing Mark back to my place and figger Jill is gonna go home with Lance. Lance told Jill no becuz he hadta work early....REALLY EARLY...(WHAT?!?) Okay well Mark ends up spending the night and Jill and Lance end up rounding up in the car outside my house.

Mark stayed here all day and was finny being all sweet and then Danny calls and the shit starts all over again. He is accusing me of being a groupie and talking samck to me everytime he gets off the phone with Danny. He kept saying he needed to go home but would never get up and get dressed for me to take him. So we laid around all day. And it was good for the most part.

Well Danny calls and he wants to go to LL so he said he and Mark would go and we could all hang then he and Mark would just go home after.

Mark bitched and moaned and bitched and bitched and ADD'd himself all into a frenzy cuz he didnt wanna go and wasnt getting his way. We dragged him out and it was pretty cool, for a while. Then all hell Mark gets fucked up and he actually starts having fun. But when it is time to call it a night well...I walk Danny and him to the car and say my goodbyes...Well I Helpd Danny put him in the car and I was off. I waved bye on the freeway and took off. When I got home I text messaged the both of them to tell me if they make it home. I knew I might hear from Danny didnt figger Mark. But Lo and behold Mark calls and proceeds to reem my ass and giving me some shit about playing him for a fool. It was three Am. All I can deduct is that He and Danny musta Had an interesting convo in the car on the way home and he prolly read more into it that he needed to and I got the blunt end of it upside the head.

Yes I did tell Danny that I enjoyed kissing him and wouldnt mind doing it again. But that was in a dfriendly way. I prolly fucked it all up talking to Danny and I see now how he is. Little big mouth. I can tell you this much I am really confused with what the problem might be. But I do think that Mark needs alot of self created drama to be happy but I am not putting up with it. I dont think I did anything wrong being friendly with Danny and Yea I am attracted to him but shit Mark damn. Its all fucked up. So anyways When Mark called and proceeded with the reeming I told him I was not having this convo with him at 3 am and said goodbye and hung up. We will see what happens now. I dso like Mark alot and could possibly see it maybe going soemwhere if he settles the fuck down but the problem is his ADD and my impatience, His mouth and my no tolerance rule. I dunno I just am sitting hee going what the fuck. But I do knwo that he hasnt gotten it outta his system and I am sure he will take me down the butt chewing byway and I wont put up with his CRAP.

Im gonna go shower and for the record I will have pics in the next day or two from the last few weekends. Ill update maybe more tody if I hear from Mark.



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