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5:45 a.m. - June 29, 2004
Aftermath? A little
Men make me crazy. I guess we all gotta have some drama huh? I was in an instant message WAR with Mark all day yesterday. He was so pissed about me and Danny kissing and just would not stop. This shit went on from 10:15 am til I left work at 4:30 then started up again when I got home.

What I gatered from all the baloney? He wants me to be his girlfriend? But with him I dont know how that is possible...And being the glutton I am part of me wants to be with him and part of me...ya know the sane side of me says to tell him to BEAT IT!!! Its just ridiculous. I think what I am gonna do is just do my own thing ya know? Even if we did "get together" I think it wouldnt last one week. He is a pain in the ass and I am a control freak. I cant think about it today I got other things to deal with. Like for example...Nip/Tuck is on tonight.

Jill got a job as a fuckin stripper last night at Capt'n Creme. Lets place wagers on how long that shit will last. And lets also take stock in how long it takes her attitude and persona to change. I might as well start looking for another party buddy cuz she will be working all the time. Fuckin Stripper. GAWD.

I got the pics back from the last two weeks and they are actually pretty good. As soon as I get them scanned in I will post them prolly tomorrow.

I just gotta figger this whole mess out with Mark and Danny and all that. Maybe I need to get off of MySpace. I dunno Ill figger it all out later. I think for the rest of the week I may just lay low and not be on there. Ween myself off of it all together.

I gotta go to fuckin work and look at that jack ass boss of mine...damn that mutha fucker makes me sick.

For the record I do love Mark...Just not inlove with him...not right now anyways...I am trying to decide if he is worth it or not.



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