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5:31 a.m. - July 01, 2004
Playin Catch-up
Ugh...I said yesterday that other things were going on so i guess I'll go there now. Its nothing major execept bs drama and my PMS I think. Which by the way I need to figger out how to get a grip on...

PMS + full moon = BAD

OKay well Jill has officially been a stripper for a few days and it has become apparant that she has no time for me in the evenings anymore. I dont know what I am bitching 'bout....going out with her has become almost overbearing. I love her to death but she has become kinda seedy when it comes to dress and behavior. So I talked myself into being okay with it and when she wants to go out I will already have plans. Luckily I have met a few new people and they are a little more serious and drama free than Jill. I love Jill its just that I dont wanna be the running buddy of a stripper. Ill still be her friend but knowing her and how she gets wrapped up with stuff I am sure she will blow me off eventually big this too shall pass.

Thank god Tina came along. She is a spaz but I just hafta learn not to talk. EVER...funny thing is that she is wiccan too and thats cool.

Mark has gone completely outter limits. Fucker. Talks all kindsa trash to me, deletes me from his friends list on MySpace. I am NOT playing with him like this and ya know...all my fucking friends say he is a nitemare. I am begininng to agree. He is calling right now...FREAK...BEAT IT! Yes message was sweet as sugar....AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH

I had good convo with Danny last night. He is such a charm...I wanna hang out with him so bad....He said he wants to wait til all the dust settles and I certainly agree. Kissing him was sooooooo....oh. Okay enuf dwelling on that.

So I went out with this cat Brian Last night. He seemed pretty close to perfect from emails and other stuff...BUT...he is still hung up on his ex...and he has been off speed since April 30th AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!! I give up. All he did was wanna go soemwhere else...damn we were at the Goat...why would anyone wanna go anywhere he is ....

Okay well on that pleasant note I am gonna jam...when it rains it pours huh...ahahahaha



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