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5:29 a.m. - July 02, 2004
The Funk
Im In A Funk....

Its like a really bad mood lingering in a shadow just waiting to come roaring out to eat everyone alive. I HATE it. I wanna be in a good mood...FUCK.

Part of it may be becuase of the week long on going drama with Mark. Oh yea that shit is still going strong. He is more Bi-polar than Poptart. here is a bit of Irony for you...Poptarts real name is Mark too...

Part of it may be because Harley was up all night making all sorts of fuckin racket and I didnt take a sleeping pill. So I was up all night. Little fucker. If I didnt love him I woulda turned his ass loose last night.

Part of it may be becuz of Jill and her job. Shouldnt bother me but it does and I am the type that will let shit eat away and eat away at me.

Part of it may be becuz we are rolling into what is supposed to be a spectacular weekend and part of me is pissed cuz i really dont have anything spectacular planned. But seriously do I ever really? And I kinda wanna lay around...and I kinda dont.

FUCKIN MOON...........thats the only explaination I can find. And yea when it hits hard. This is the road to hell....

So what to do? well I am gonna just take it easy. Possibliy rent a flick tonight and chill at home. Im gonna get up tomorrow go buy me some groceries and maybe go apartment hunting with Tina for her a new place in LA. Then toss a coin...see if I go to the bow tomorrow night. Im thinking naw...then Sunday of course LL...However I did tell Jill I may not go cuz I dont wanna deal with Stripper Jill and I know thats who will come out. Or part of me may break down and go see Mark....wait...have I lost my mind???? Kidding...

Adrian called last night and I didnt even answer to talk to him...See something is really wrong with me.

Oh and for the record I went apeshit with the black in my hair...grow hair grow!!!



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