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5:35 a.m. - July 06, 2004
July 4 Recap...***YAWN***
Yesterday was a holiday so that why there was no entry, for the record...

So my weekend was rather mellow and thats a good thing. I did alot of soul searching and alot of TV watching.

I went to Blockbuster and rented the second and third season of CSI and watched that. Friday night I laid around then saturday got up and ran a few errands. Jills fam wanted me to come over sat night for dinner so I did. We sat in the hot tub and had BBQ. I took the boys sparklers and Jill roses and a card. I had been kinda distant and mean cuz of her dancing. But she told me she was gonna prolly do it once more to pay for her license and then she was gonna quit. Im glad.

Sunday again a bunch of laying around then off to Liquid Lounge with Tina and Tim and Nick and Sabrina. I took my neighbor Angie. She can NOT hold her liquor. I had to come home early cuz she was fucked up BAD.

Yesterday I went to the pool for a couple of hours with Jill and the fam then home to ...yep lay around.

So Tracy said she will be here around the 24th and Adrian will be here in Sept. I am on a plan to lose at least 25 lbs ASAP.

Mark was on a freaking spaz off sunday and berating me about Danny again. Danny told me just to block him. Gawd I swear he makes poptart look SANE. I really dont understand him at all but I am thinking the only kinda gal that he will ever have to last any length of time is some ignorant young thing. Ya know? Cut off his hair and all you gots is an uneducated roadie. What makes me sad? I wanted us to be friends at the very least...he is a good guy just very far away from being boyfriend material.

So Boss quit...THAT is the best thing I have heard in MONTHS!!!! He has told everyone at work except me and the big boss...but being the "team player" I am I tookk it upon myself to tell big boss' brother..."HEY FAT HEAD.....BEAT IT!!!!" I love to watch him go...and never come back. Even if I got the Marquis De Saad and Attilla the Hun for boss' it would be alot better than that fucker.

So Im in for a 4 day week. I asked Big Boss if I can change my hours on friday to 7-330 and I am keeping my fingers crossed for that. I am layin low again this weekend and gonna get myself in better shape. But for now...its off to hell and just to endure a few more days of the FUCKER til I can actually start caring about what I do for a living. I gotta get my life in order...seriously.

Oh I also and supposed to have a dinner date with Nick tomorrow. I dont wanna. Not because I dont like him but becuz I dont wanna go out right now. But I cant cancel so Ill just go and get it over with. You know I am so non commital and all. Maybe I am the one messed up. HA! Understatement.

Oh one last thing...10pm last night my cell rings from 310...dunno so I dont answer...its fuckin GINA! She leaves me some cryptic message about how I wont know what I did but she wants to thank me...BEAT IT you fuckin flake...she has big balls to call me...BIG ONES!!



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