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6:04 a.m. - July 07, 2004
Trojan Horses and Date Night
FUCK FUCK FUCK...goddamned spyware on my fucking computer...Trojan Horses...I got 3 that were put here cause of Kazaa and I cant get rid of em. Guess it looks like thursday night is gonna be dedicated to doin just that. I would do it tonight but I gotta go to dinner with Nick.

Mark (Soy-Boy) came over last night and we watched Nip/Tuck...that show ROX!!!

Looks like Fat Head is truely gone...I am so happy. All I wanted was for him to go away. I am sure today will be his last day. I was thinking it would be yesterday cuz his shit was all gone off his desk I heard. However rumor mill says it is today for his going away party. I guess they did tell him it was me that filed a complaint against him cuz he hasnt said shit to me at all about leaving and everyone else knows. FUCK HIM!! Good Bye and Good Riddance. So I guess there wont be any more rants about that Jack ass...

Michael leaves thursday to go back to Chicago to visit of a week. Looks like I am gonna have the house all to myself for a bit with Russ working and all...should be kinda cool. I havent been alone at home in a long ass time. Not that it'll be that much different but ya know it might. HA!

Jill and I are going to LA Saturday to the Rainbow (her idea)...which is cool I am excited OH YEA and I think I am gonna skip LL this sunday. Maybe need a change and to take a day off from that. Is cool tho Saturday should be enuf.

So I am off...its fdate night *sigh* just dinner THATS it...(I hate dating!!!) Jill says Nick is good people all kidding aside and he is...he really is...just not the one...not right now anyways...I odnt think I will let anyone be until after Adrian comes and goes for sure...

Anyways...Off to shower and scan this camputer for that damn fuckin virus so I can remove it....

Oh and one last thing...Cy...I know you read this...I lovz ya baby...go outside...scream as loud as you can then come in sit in the middle of the floor and laugh like a's all gonna be fine...TRUST ME...I KNOW!



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