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5:35 a.m. - July 08, 2004
Double Dipped...
So the DL on yesterday was this...

I was getting ready to leave and I get a text message from Jill saying her and Scott got back together. This is the guy she ditched me for on New Years Eve. Funny thing is that she hasnt heard from him since we started hanging again and out of the blue they just get back together. But to ice the cupcake she cancelled plans with me for saturday night cuz his kid has a fuckin b-day party.

Now HAD THEY been together or even talking all this time then that might be different. HOWEVER...they hadnt been and she just fuckin dumps me??? Well I told her I was sick of being a fill in for her cock rides and this is 2 times with this guy and I am not too thrilled with her right now. Shes gonna be real sad the next time he dumps her and she is alone again. I just am not playin into her insecurties...Ill still be her friend but I think I am gonna just write her off as far as a hng out friend. SHit I talk to Britt less but I know she is my friend regardless.

So I called Lance and he is up for going out. COOL. I also told him she got back with her ex...she didnt like Lance anyways she just waned him cuz I met him first...I just wanna be friends with him...Im over it.

Now focusing on work...goddamned Jay decided that he would bad mouth me all over the place yesterday. I guess he figgered that he would just do it since I pissed him off and he had nothing to lose. Now I gotta work all that harder to show everyone what a piece of shit he really is. We have a new girl starting in DC next week. I still want out of that department. I am still treated like shit even with him not there. Jay called Alex yesterday to invite him to his going away party/lunch and Alex said I wasnt there and Jay told him he wasnt calling to invite me. THEN everyone at lunch was asking Alex if I was glad Jay was leaving. FUCK YEA I AM.

So last night...I went to dinner with Nick..he is a super nice guy...I had a wonderful dinner and great convo...we said we may try the dinner thing once a week. I like him alot but I cant get attached...not right now. I am not in a place where I can do that right now. Not with Tracy comin on the 28th and Adrian in september. But for now I will take it one day ata time and see what happens.



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