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5:22 a.m. - July 13, 2004
Introducing Tony
First off I am fuckin sorry I didnt write yesterday. I went to LL and had barely any sleep before I hadta go to fuckin wirk. I coulda gone in at the regular time but I really wanna rack up some OT. Plus I got this fuckin project I gotta do...blah blah blah...

Okay recappers...Friday nights blind date was a Yukky stick. UBER GAG. Never again. Thats all I gotta say about going out with a guy my age with no pic to trade...FUCK THAT!

Saturday I got bombarded with calls, Chantel, Sammy and Britt all wanted me to come out to see Sammy play. It came to light when I was out at JT Schmidts that I am the ONLY girl in the group without a tit job...FUCK. And I was bored outta my gourd. But something interesting did happen. I ran into Stephen, of the great Stephen and Gina Drama. To review back on who he is go to April 21st 2004. He was with Gina nad the drama was overbearing. Well after a little convo comes to light to he and I both that Gina was telling him shit about me and vice versa. She was playin us both against each other. we got past that. I listened to him whine then spent the entire day with him sunday at the beach and LL talking to him about how he was being played. So now Stephen and I are friends and she is beeing looked for so she can get a fiting for a straight jacket. That girl is a mental case and needs meds.

So Sunday I got to play nursemaid to men who had been dumped by my 'friends'...Lance and Stephen....Im not so thrilled with being the 'buddy' but fortunately I dont wanna fuck either one of them. And it made the day go by fast.

On a side note as much as I love Sammy his band hs gotten UBER boring. I'm gonna hold off on going to see them for a long ass while.

On a different note work is so much better without Fat Head...gawd its wonderful!!!

There has also been a guy on MySpace I been chattin with a little...Tony...he came over last night to visit...A-FUCKING-MAZNG...what a great he is

I had better converstaion with him than I do anyone close to my age. (hes 22) Smart, sexy and just damn cool...He can come back and see me anytime!!!

Okay well its 530 and I gotta get ready and get outta here...Tonights Nip/Tuck and I dont think Mark is comin over. Which is fine cuz I am on 8 hrs sleep and I didnt walk yesterday. Cant rest on my laurels, I got people comin to visit and I gotta get in shape!!!




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