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5:34 a.m. - July 14, 2004
I'm Bored and Hungry
Another Wednesday huh? Nothing over the top to report. I came home and chilled last night. Tonight I gotta wash clothes and shit. It was nice cuz Russ went to work early and I had the house to myself. Michael comes home today. Back to the normal hustle and bustle. To be honest it has been nice being alone. Russ did come home to 'switch out his meals' Monday and scared the shit outta me. I also think Michael is gonna start working nights when means I may be alone more at night YAY!

I am going to bed tonight EARLY too...Im tired and this diet is kickin my ass. Im so fuckin hungry.

I am totally worried about my friend Cy and hun if you read this please get on yahoo or AOL k?

In the mean time its off to work and work and work...but its good I have lots to do and mucho OT to make...and I'm gonna need it when T gets here...

And just for the record ...I am so NOT going out this weekend!!! Seriously! I Mean it. I think Im gonna wash the car.



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