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5:00 a.m. - July 16, 2004
Adrians Confirmation
Adrian called last night and we talked for almost an hour. His flight is booked now and he is gonna be here for 5 days!!!! not really I am excited as hell about it. we are gonna have so much fun. heading to Thunderpussy and the Bow...It'll be pretty rockin Im thinking. I still really love him and what is sick is he knows it. I dont know if you can incorporate the "in love" factor but he was a huge influence in my life and its gotta say something if we have stayed in touch after all these years.

Tonight is a lay low for me. I hafta go to Linda Vandeventers going away party at some place after work then home. I am just gonna have one drink and then skeedaddle. I am gonna get up early and head in to work in the AM, I am not as in the hole as I thought but I still am so any opportunity to make a little extra cash is a good thing.

Tracy and Lorraine will be here in 2 weeks and then Adrian. I need to lay low til then, I am sure at least that first week will be the death of me. AHAHAHAHAHA. I think we have decided to go to LA that thursday night instead of going to Bang Tango. Mark has been a jerk off (no suprise there) so we are gonna blow him off all together.

I didnt talk to Tony yesterday but I honestly didnt expect to. I prolly wont talk to him much over the next couple of weeks. He will be back...its all good.

Okay well anyways I am goin to LA with Steven and Lance and possibley a few others to help them meet chix. It should be cool and then Sunday I am gonna hang out, wash my car and do NOTHIG,...nope no Liquid Lounge this week...I need a break a bit.

Okay Im OUT and Ill write on Monday!



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