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5:03 a.m. - July 19, 2004
Runnin into the IDIOT
Another weekend blows by. It was pretty alright tho.

Friday night i stayed in. I did my nails and watched a little tube then crashed early cuz I had to work saturday, I only worked like 5 hours I went in and clean up shit..that was about it for that.

Saturday night Steven came over (of the Gina and Steven) and we went to Rainbow in LA. All was going well then all of the sudden I look up and goddamned JEFF was there. Well that freaked Steven out cuz he didnt want Gina knowing sooooo we Jammed out. What really freaked me out was that the fucker was sitting at a table with my friend Dee...GAWD. He tried waving to me but I dismissed it and went on about my way.

I slept all day yesterday and then last night about 10 Ricky came over. I miss him. We always have such a hard time hooking up cuz he travels so much, but when we get time it is all good. If things were different and he and I both had our shit together we might be a great couple. But it has been 4 years and I am diggin the way things are regardless.

So another week comes and its go in early and sleep. I gotta start getting ready for the invasion of the femmes...luckily they will only be here one night I am thinking. They have a car and they can come and go as they please but both are bound and determined to hit LA straight off. Ill go up a little but I am not spending 20 days up there. Its just too much and the drive it way hard on ya.

Okay and on a mellow note its me signin off for the day...gota go get ready for pure enjoyment...

Tra la la



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