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4:52 a.m. - July 21, 2004
Return of PBF
Gawd is it fuckin FRIDAY yet? Not that it is gonna make a difference Im not going anywhere this weekend. IM NOT!!!

Good news tho...Pretty Boy Floyd is starting to tour again with a different line up and then the old line up. The tour kick off is August 14th and it is at the Pressbox in Anaheim. Danny is going with me...YAY!!!!!! Thats gonna be so much fuckin fun.

Okay so it is looking like I may not hafta deal with the Candian Invasion after all. I think they are gonna stay in LA the whole time. Honestly thats fine cuz I dont wanna be chasing all over after Chad and as the day grows closer I am gonna let them come to me. I have put the offer out there but I am not gonna make a big issue of it. Tracy is only coming to try to get with Chad...I love her to death but she has alot of growing up to do. She talks about attraction...and I completely understand I felt that with Danny (and a few others) but I am not gonna go chasin him all over the US & Canada ya know.

So I am on day three of this LOW CARB diet...its killing me...Im so fuckin hungry. Maybe its in my head but this shit better be working...I had a salads and a buger patty yesterday...THATS ALL I HAD!!!! And I walked 2 miles and My ass still is HUGE....But its worth it I guess I am so tired of being the token fat chick. (for the record I am a little hard on myself..Im not THAT

I taked to Ryan last night for a bit. But didnt nail down a time for us to hang. He is a bit evasive so I am gonna back off a bit.

I have a pretty big meeting today at work. I think it will go well. I have to present the database I have been building. I do wanna throw a huge THANK YOU to Barry and let him know I couldnt do it without him. I WILL give credit where credit is due of course.

I talked to Tony yesterday and he is off for Texas today. Comes back on Monday so possibly Ill see him then. Who knows....I do have Adrian weiging weigh heavy in my head and heart...I cant wait to see him...

And on that not I am off for the Salt Mines...Adios!



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