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5:06 a.m. - July 22, 2004
Blah Blah...nothin
Something is seriously wrong with me. I came home last night...ate dinner and passed out cold. I actually went to bed a little before 8pm. West Niles? YA THINK????? I did get stung by a skeeter a couple of days ago.

I had to present my Database template that I have been working on to the masses. Seemed okay for buy in with a few people getting off on I go...Imma just keep writing it til I cant do anymore, or its finished...whichever comes first...

I had the most fucked up dreams last night. I think I was have a nitemare about my fuckin cell phone bill. I hadta call and change it again yesterday. Its outta control again. This one hasta be pain in install ments. CRIPES!!! I fucked myself on text messages this month. THANKS JILL AND MARK! I should make them pay for that.

The weekend is still looking like I may get my wish and just chill at home. I did get asked out by this Tom guy but I dont wanna go out friday cuz I am gonna try to work saturday and sometime I need to work on my car.

I didnt mention that my sis is having a bout of Bells Palsey. I think it is her nerves. Of course she is freakin, hell i would be too. I told her it wasnt permanent and that Smear had it and I never knew. Kel tries way to hard to carry the world...C'mon sista get it together!!!

Okay on that note I am OUT!



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