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5:02 a.m. - July 23, 2004
No carbs are killin me
Well I have made it thru the week and managed to avoid any type of social invitations. Just what I wanted.

As for the no carb diet. I went to bed again last night early ...8 pm. I talked to my sis on the way home and she said that basically I am detoxing. I used to do alot of speed and I never felt like this even after a really long stint. One or possibly two days of sleep and I was fine...not with this. She told me as soon as all the carbs are outta my system I would have this huge burst of energy. Thats another reason I was wanting to do nothing this weekend cuz the way I am feelin is making me a little voltile.

Speaking of speed I emailed Scuba to say hi and see how his life was yesterday and what a hateful bastard he was...told me he was still pissed I stood him up (which I didnt...standing up constitutes just not showing up...I always called and cancelled way in advance). All I said was I missed him and hoped he was well and he went off...damn...oh well...take THAT number off speed dial. Too bad but no big loss...he wasnt even really a friend he only called when he wanted something...kinda selfish in that way and even tho we werent an "item" I thought we were kinda friends...I dont think his new woman is taking care of him the way he needs to be taken care of. It was fun the few times we were together but life goes on. I didnt wanna see him just sayin hi. Idiot.

I had a level 3 freak out at work yesterday. All the work I did on the database and I hafta redo...not because it crashed but because people were not communicating and I was getting directives form a million different people and no one could give me what I needed. Im okay now tho and I know where I am going with the whole thing so I am good...I think. If I can work tomorrow ill be back on track.

So anyways winding down into a weekend for me...Maybe a little geeraj time...alot of sleep and no carbs....ugh.

Im off....PEACE!



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