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5:16 a.m. - July 27, 2004
One More Sleep
One more real night of sleep ...maybe two before the dynamic duo get here....then its game on. I dont think I am gonna go to LA til friday but I may meet up with them early or they may come here. There is nothing goin on at Thunderpussy and I dont wanna drive up there on a thursday night just to drink....

Look at what I am in for DAMN BITCHES!...

I was gonna go to kareoke with Ryan last night but I blew it off. He wasnt going to the bar til 10:30 and Studio City is up by Burbank....TOOO FAR. Tony wanted me to come out to Chino but he had a toothache and so I told him we could later.

So tonight I am going to Dinner with Britt and then home to chill. I am still dieting and it sux ass. I thought I mighta lost a couple of pounds...NOPE...nothing...I didnt gain any either but fuck...This is ridiculous. Okay I have zero patience and unrealistically expect to be a rail by morning. C'Mon Atkins WORK...I cant be the only one in the US that DOES NOT shed pounds on this fucker!!!

Anyways so the weekend is already booked....Friday to the Roxy with Tina and sat to the MySpace BBQ and the Bow after. I am thinking sunday I wont be going to LL uless the gals wanna and then next week Lorraine leaves....the whole thing is a cluster fuck but what the hell Ill go with it...

And on that Im out



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