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5:27 a.m. - July 28, 2004
Here they come...
Scary...Lorraine and Tracy are prolly sitting at the airport somewhere in Toronto getting ready to board and come disrupt the balance of nature in so-cal. NICE!

I decided I have really become lame and have a very BIG problem with my obcession for sleep. Like I cant function without it. I am gonna party like a rock star this weekend and thats that...

I lost 2 lbs yesterday when I got on the scale at work and I am soo happy. I wanna lose 30 but if I can drop 15 Britt said that would make a difference. Here I go let the obcession take over.

Yea I had dinner with Britt last night and we went to Bath and Body works after and fuck if they didnt redo the store AND got rid of the grapefruit smell I love...BASTARDS!!!

I wanna throw a BIG ASS CONGRATULATIONS out to Trudi...(CHILI PEPPER to those out there that read this)...She and her man Ken are getting Married and I am so happy for them..Its about damn time!!! Trudi ...I Love You!!

So anyways I think T And Lorraine are coming here tonight and wednesday and then thursday and friday who knows. I told them they can stay here as much as they want. I know they wanna stay in LA some but the people they said they may crash with are flakin. figgers. T said she was gonna stay with me when Lorraine Leaves for sure. No Prob I dont care...It'll be nice to have someone to chill with.

Okay well people pray for my survival...If the entries wane off if cuz i've been obducted...Ill try to write from work but it may be later so keep checking back!



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