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4:58 a.m. - July 29, 2004
Trouble, Riff Raff & Chaos
Game On...

Im going to LA tonight to see Tracy and Lorraine and go to Taimes club...


Actually I am excited the only thing that bothers me is the drive. However I can do it. Its not that big of a deal right? Ill throw some crap in a bag just incase I crash up there but I am planning on coming home from there no later than 230. I have plans with Tina tomorrow and I cant let her down..NO NO NO. So I gotta come home tonight.

I need to quit obcessing over it and just go have some here I go..If I dont update for a bit, well I am face down in it....

On a different note I am a little pissed at my roomie Michael. He has gotten so fuckin lazy latey. He will not pick up after himself and he leaves cookware on the grill and dishes in the sink. I have talked to him about it a few times and last night i left a nasty note on the dry erase board. If it starts up again I am gonna send him an email THEN if he still doesnt take care of his fuckin messes he is gonna hafta go. My house isnt spotless by anymeans but I HATE dishes in the sink. It makes me so fuckin mad. He contributes very little to the upkeep of this house and I am really tired of it. I gave him some leeway when he moved in but now he has just gotten plain lazy. SO we will see what happens.

Okay and on that bitter vented note I am off to claim the day...head to the my with the what a day...




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