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5:59 p.m. - August 05, 2004
5 Day Party
So I figgered since I had a little time I would go ahead and post pics of the 5 Day party....Which has rendered me broke...UGH..but worth it. So here goes nothin...

Here is me and Lorraine at Thunderpussy on Thursday

Here is me and Shell...again last Thursday

here is Me and Tracy at Thunderpussy...Yea we were just a smidgeon wasted...

Me and Steven at Thunderpussy Screamin

Okay now to the rest of the weekend....

Uhm Yea we are drunk...AGAIN

Me Tracy and Lorraine...I love them so Much..what fun...

Here is Me, Uzi, Richie and Janet at Metal Skool last Monday

Here is another of Me, Uzi and Janet

Here is Von Sean, Me and Chaz...Three faces of Crazy

so there ya have it..Round one of fotos...Lorraine is sending me more as is Uzi..So Ill post em as soon as I get em...




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