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5:28 a.m. - August 09, 2004
two weeks ago I went to see Metal Skool with Tina up in LA. I know I mentioned it wouldnt be fun seeing her again but I think I failed to mention why...See she called me on Tuesday after we got bck and decided to ream me cuz she said I cock blocked her. Now what that means is that she was talking to a guy and she thinks because of me she didnt get laid...heres what happened.

She was talking to Bullet...he is the DJ at the bow...She introduces me to him...after long convo about women in LA and how plastic they were...and I had a few Ilet him grab my tits...NOW anyone that knows me knows I do that sorta shit all the time and I dont care. It doesnt mean anything...NADA. Anyways I went home long before she did. And She called me and told me that cuz of the way I acted around Bullet she didnt get laid. NOT...hunny if he had wanted to fuck you he woulda.

Anyways...I emailed Bullet after the incident to tell him I was sorry if I misbehaved. He was like "WHAT?!?"

So long story short he emailed me to say hi yesterday and just so happened after we started talking that he told me he was working down at El Toro right by me today. So I asked him if he wanted to come over...and he did. And actually he is a fabulous guy...And he is gonna come over after work and have dinner with me til traffic dies down. I actually look forward to it...


***footnote***I actually like this guy and didnt have him over to piss Tina off...She will never know unless I tell her. And I dont plan on talking to her.



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