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4:20 a.m. - August 13, 2004
Eyes Wide Open
I cant fuckin sleep. THAT more than anything pisses me off. I was sleeping then my goddamned cell starts beeping and that woke me up...I was logged into Yahoo IM from it and forgot to log out and randowm morons ...WHICH I dont know message me at 3 fuckin AM. Now here I am wide fucking awake and hoing to all hell it doesnt ruin my day.

Now on another note...I went drinkin with peeps from work last night...UGH...Keith...the guy tat used to work with me...He screamed at everyone all the time....he was so fucking mean and hateful...decided to put his face in my tits. HELLS BELLS that old fucker was wasted. Andrea showed up and we had a large time. Moc went and Oscar and all the guys from the shop and sales...I know I had told myself I wasnt gonna party with peeps from work, esp after hotel incidents BUT...fuck it.

I got home at 8 and went to bed straight away. And now I have had less than 4 hrs sleep and THATS crap.

Well I am gonna go pick up Tracy today I think...She and I are gonna chill out here and go out tomorrow and sunday. It'll be good..she amy end up going home on wednesday I dunno we will see...

I called Bullet last night..broke down and did it...I dont think it was a bad thing but I dont think it was a good thing either. I told him I didnt wanna be "that girl" and he was cool...he just partys hard thats all...Thanks for the advice Lorraine...ahahah. Maybe I will see him again...maybe not...but I had fun when he was here...

Okay Im gonna go shower and go to Starbucks...



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