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6:28 p.m. - August 17, 2004
Imma Groupie...and RB SUX
Things have been nuts and I am so behind in writing. So I am taking some time out in the evening to write...unlike my normal 4 am jabber here I am at 630pm.

Lets see Ill start with Friday. I didnt do shit. I stayed home and slept. It was good.

I got up saturday and malingered around the house contimplating stayin in til Tracy called from LA. She was at Rita's and wanted out I think...SO after plenty of internal turmoil I headed up to LA to pick her up and off we went to the bow....

It was lame as lame can get there it looked like the Ugly Short bus dropped off people and Tracy and I were experiencing a 15 on the gag factor scale.

So we hopped in the Z and hauled major ass to the Pressbox to see if we could catch Steve and have him put us on the List to get into the show sunday night at the House of Blues in LA...He said sure so GAME ON!

When we got up sunday it was rush rush rush to get ready to hed out to LA....we got to the HOB at 630 and Met Bobby and Steve in the parking lot and in we went for sound check. Well Chad showed up so T was happy and after sound check they were all going to the bus...Well T and Chad stayed behind and thats really the last sober time I saw her.

I was with Bobby 98% of the night on the bus and seriously did not see much of the show. All the things you hear about happening on a tour bus were going on and I was right there...Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll on the LA Guns Tour seriously was a great time...I got a hickey...NICE...Thanks Bobby! And so after alot of drunken persuation I got T and we headed home. I had the Death Grip Delux on the wheel while she bawled he eyes out ...we still cant figure THAT out. We decided last night we wanted to roll the clock back and do it again cuz we had a blast.

Which brings us to Today...

I went to bed last night about 9ish and T was up on the computer. I woke up about 1130ish and she asked me if I had seen what was posted to me on MySpace. Now let me go back a bit...

I went out with that guy the other night and went to Downtown Disney. he was cute but LAME...anyhoo...I posted a commentary on myspace about men and their mouths and how there is alot of the that talk about how great they are on the sack BUT...its all a farce. Anyways...

Remember back on June 8th when I had that guy from San Francisco come here? If you cant remember click here

Departure of RB

Anyways after he was gone I figgered he was gone...I havent even hardly thought of him at all and I certainly hadnt tried to communicate with him...well the jackass stalker I guess has been looking at my page and he decided to comment on the blog that I wrote. This maniacal ego maniac thought that after the 4 months I havent talked to him that a blog titled "Lousy Lays" was about him...DONT FLATTER YOURSELF ASSCLOWN!

Well I deleted everything and went back to bed and when I got up this morning the fuck stick had posted a HUGE very verbose blog all about me and having sex with me and totally defamed me on his MySpace page.***for the record i actually did NOT have sex with him***

Well I honestly felt my skull split right down the middle. And what is really unfucking real is that he actually logged on to MSN and I let him have it both barrels. We fought and fought but after I went totally psycho on his ass and he bashed me more he did take it down and apologize.

Now I can state for the record that if I have an issue with someone I will put it here....not on a social website. If someone comes here and reads this ..fuck off if you dont like it...cuz this is MY diary...But even here I do try to be as gentle as possible for the most part.

Again I need to re-evaluate my friendliness about lettin fuckin ASSCLOWNS stay with me...Fuck Im and ASSCLOWN for letting it happen.



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