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6:21 a.m. - August 19, 2004
Well for the first time in a few days I am able to write in the morning like I am supposed to. Tracy went to LA last night and I suppose by her non presence here she found someone to round up or a place to crash. As much as I like having her here my morning ritual is a very important part of my day. She says she is leave sunday...hmmm...who the hell knows at this point but I seriously dont think getting a job is on the list here, legit or not.

Okay on a different note I thought I would share a little something. I talk about Adrian alot and that he is coming here in a few weeks. So I thought that I would post a pic of me and him so anyone that reads this can see what he looks like...This is the last pic I have of him and I together (that I can find)

Take a wild guess when that was taken??? AHAHAH

Aside from a couple of days before I left that was the last time I saw him. I have seen him on his website for the band he was in. Unfortuanely that site is down now cuz the band broke up BUT he looks the same too.

That pic was taken in 1992ish...I guess I age pretty damn fuckin good huh?

Okay so tonight I am not doin anything and I decided tomorrow I may go to the Boogie with Steven. Then Sat, Jaynie, a new friend, wants me to go to HB to hear a band with her. COOL! I am not going to LA til Adrian gets here unless I absolutely hafta. I ben putting alot of miles on Punkin and I am thinkin she needs a break.

Okay fuckers well on that note I am outty ....shower..hit the road for another day in a hell dimension...




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