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5:51 a.m. - August 20, 2004
Last Days with T begin
Well its finally fuckin Friday. This week has dragged ass like a cat with two broken back legs.

Part of me wants to go out tonight BUT I am gonna force myself to stay home, clean up, do laundy and behave. I think the Bake is going to Paladinos to see Tuff. I however am not up for it.

I was shocked outta my head last night Bullet called just to chit chat. I really dig him as much or even more than any Cali guy I have met since I have been here. He is so intellegent and nice and argumetative all at the same time. I love a man that knows what they want and actually have a real opinion about something. Here he is in case you wanna see him.

Tomorrow night I am supposed to go to hear a band in HB with Jaynie...I think I people rule!

T says she may leave monday and I told her last night it'll make me sad if she does, I want her to stay. She is the first person I have met that I can actually tolerate for any length of time. And she cracks me up. I did money spell for her last night I hope it works so she can find a job and stay.

Okay fuckers on that note I am off to shower and off to hell...catch ya on the flip side YO....



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