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6:07 a.m. - August 23, 2004
Weekend Recappers& Reality TV
Well the weekend came and went without any major incident. Friday I went to dinner with Denise at Rockin Tco. That place is so fuckin noisy its just horrid. Have I mentioned I hate Goddammned dueling pianos???

After I left I had told Steven I would meet him at the Boogie but I ended up calling Jill (yea she and Scott are on the outs go figger) and going to the Canyon. No Sammy wasnt playing. It was fun we danced with this complete freak and had people giving up money and buying up drinks for doing it. I met this guy Darrell and I was totally diggin him. But as usual I fuckin left and went home without giving him my number or anything. Whatever. Jill closed the place down.

Tracy had gone to LA and I figgered she would be back sometime on Saturday....nope. So saturday night I went to TC's in HB with Jill, Lance and my new friend Jaynie. The bar sucked and it was hot as hell inside and the people were lower than the trash I usually hang with. Jill and I split and went to the goat...where...Jill as usual wouldnt leave and ended up getting herself into a pickle.

I have decided that I am gonna STOP trying to take care of people...All my friends are grown ups and if they get into a bad situation it is THEIR problem not mine.

Okay bitterness aside...Denise and I went and saw Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle yesterday. She loved it. I hated it. It was ok til they rode a Cheetah...nuff said. I came home and rode my bike 4 miles and passed out. I had heard from Tracy earlier in the day that she was on her way but she didnt roll in til like 10 pm and I was in bed. I guess she is asleep on the couch who knows. Sacred the shit outta me when she came in tho thats for sure. I had a borderline migrane. UGH.

This weekend I think we have inventory at work. it is thelastweekend before Adrian gets here so I am not goin out. I am gonna do inventory and clean.

On a wierd note I got called to interview for a reality show about womin with figures...basically cuz I have a huge ass...we shall see about that huh? I dunno if it humiliates me I am not doing it PERIOD. Ill keep you posted on that.

Well its shower time and I gotta goto Starbucks....

Oh and Jim...I would love to come to the wedding more than you can imagine...I am so glad you and Rach are good...and I am so happy for you sweetie!! Love you!




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