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6:27 a.m. - August 26, 2004
New Name Tag!
Of course as usual I am late as shit...But I have a legit reason..I was rearraging shit on my diary pages...and added my new name tag....COOL!!!

So last night T and I went to Haus of Pizza and then went walking. She says she is gona rent a car today...who the hell knows...whatever she wants is fine. Im not going anywhere I am staying home. She is prolly jonseing for LA...which is fine. I am gonna come home and ride my bike today. I feel soo fat today...but when is that any different.

Anyways..things are quiet on the social front. Havent heard from anyone at all. I have kinda pulled out of the social order of being for a bit tho. One week from today Ill be a nervous/excited wreck. I cant wait.

Okay well I have inventory at work today so its sweat shop day for me...

And on that note..Im outty!



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