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6:21 a.m. - August 31, 2004
The Agenda....
I oversplept today and then got up and jackassed around on the computer and now I am running late as hell.

Why did I oversleep? On the phone with Adrian for an HOUR last night. I got the whole trip planned...

well here is the agenda ....tentatively

Thursday: I am taking him to Haus of Pizza then off for beers here at the Goat Hill in ...

Friday: Downtown disney to get that outta the way during the day then off to LA to goto Rainbow, whiskey, Cat club etc....

Saturday: Newport beach and or Huntington beach to hang out for the day then Sat night to Dragonfly and maybe a couple of others maybe the troub or something...prolly just stay in Dragonfly

**footnote*** I may have a suite at the Belage Friday or Sat (hotel by the Viper) we shall see

Sunday: Venice Beach then Liquid Loubge cuz everyone I know is going there sunday since monday is a holiday

Monday: Chillin around here and then to Metal Skool

He leaves Tuesday....

fun huh???

Oh and check this I found it on the web but they are sold out...UGH!!!! Gotta have one NOW!



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