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3:11 p.m. - September 07, 2004
The Departure of my Heart
He left today.

I am broken

I wanted so badly to not feel the way i felt 12 yrs ago. Nope.

When he stepped off the plane last thursday it was like we had never been apart.

There arent any words to describe how I feel right now. I am so thankful for the past 5 days. I wouldnt trade it for anything.

I rolled over and saw him laying there and that butterfly feeling was just taking over my stomach and throat.

Thursday he got here and we went immediately to the Goat and got Trashed.

Friday we got up and went to Downtown Disney and the to the Bow for one of the best nights ever. Ryan and Sean were there and I even sat and talked to Taime for a long time.Shit Taime sat with Us Adrian was giddy. I cant believe I went up and actually talked to Taime.

Saturday we went to Balboa and took the Ferry across and walked all the way to Newport and back. We were so tired that we stayed home and watched TV saturday night.

Sunday up again and we headed to Venice for a spectaular day of freak viewing and fun....then home and we met up with Jill, Jimmy and Steve at Liquid Lounge. We got trashed much fun it was sick sick sick.

Then yesterday got up late and ran a couple of errands...then we went back up to LA to see Metal Skool...It was a little lame compared to the rest of the weekend, but Ryan and Sean were there and that was cool....Things got a little wierd as Adrian disappeared a couple fo times...He watches me and always has been one for takin all the scene in from the sidelines. I think he was evaluating things...he told me over and over how much he hates Dallas. And on the way back from LA he told me he had never seen me this happy and I would be stifled if I came back....I dont care tho I need him in my life.

I cried and cried last night so much I woke up with my eyes swollen shut.

On that note I am gonna shut this down by sayin I will NEVER get over I better go get him....

Adrian.......I love you with all my soul....



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