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5:50 a.m. - September 13, 2004
Thoughs of the Move
the key is to stay away from my friends and dont drink. I start drinking and I start thinking that I am making a mistake about moving home. Then I get home (with a headaches and smeared make up from crying) and listen to Copperhead and look at Adrians pic and dont cry. Why? Cuz I know in a matter of weeks I will be closer and I will be able to see him.

I went to watch the Vikes kick ass against the Cowboys yesterday..GREAT GAME I might add...and then Sammy called and I went to Pierce Street to see the band play. Britt and Chantel were there and of course I cried. ASSCLOWN. So If I stay locked away in my house I wont spend money and I wont keep flip flopping. I gotta go ...thats a fact its just sad..I do love it here.

Then comes to the part where I want russ to go but I dont. So I am gonna tell him he hasta come up with deposit and 1/2 rent plus moving expenses.

I wanna move into a high rise downtown but I am getting mixed info from people about the area. I wanted to move into Chris' house bu he never called me back about it so Im gonna blow it off.

More than anything I am worried about the birds int he move being all stressed out. I need to just chill til the date gets closer.

Well anyways...gotta get ready to jam I need Starbucks this am and it looks like its gonna ba another hot day out...UGH



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