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6:00 a.m. - September 15, 2004
Reality Settin In
I came home from work yesterday and there was a 'For Rent" sign in my front yard. It was at that point I realized I gotta move outta this house...

And to add insult to injury...The cool boss at work came up to me yesterday asking if the rumors of me leaving were true...'of course' I said..THEN...he asked me what it would take for me to stay....'80K' I said. As fuckin if...shit thats double my pay if they came up woth 45-50k I might hafta call the father unit and see what he says but I seriously started realizing this is the right thing to do.

I knew the flip flopping would happen...oh well im going ...I even looked at a 17 ft Uhaul yesterday to see if it would be big enuf for me and Russ' stuff. I really need to talk to him and see if he is going or not. Its making me crazy. If I can get thru the next couple of weeks Ill be okay. Its all about the not knowing thats making me feel like I am experiencing mania.....

Okay Kel is on the tele and telling me how uber insane and how much of a pain in the ass my Mom is...Uh I KNOW that already...and I told her that if that woman starts shit with me I will tell her to FO without even a passing breath... Oh well enuf of that silliness...I gotta get in the shower and get ready for work...Damn I am gonna miss it here...



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