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5:56 a.m. - September 16, 2004
94 Minutes and Reasons to Go
94 minutes I talked to Adrian Last night. Man I love him more and more every time we speak. Maybe I am over inflating the whole thing but I dont care it keeps me going and right now I need that.

I told him in a round about way I would be there after Halloween and he said he wanted to hang out. I kinda laid down a few hints that I was gonna be there a while and he didnt flinch...sooooooooo thats a good thing.

What is it he and I find to talk about for so long? Music, kids, passions...yea we rock...

I found out yesterday they posted for someone to fill my position at work. So I am really doing this. now i need a fuckin job in Oklahoma!!! FUCK!!! I got everything else handled but I need money and a fuckin job!!!! I have a feeling the freakout may be comin soon! But all I think about is the fact that my horse is waiting and Adrian is close and I can spend time with Kel and T and the new baby...Oh I guess I should show lil Parker here....

and another

So now if that isnt a good enuf reason to high tail it back to redneckville then these can add to it....

My Niece

My Horse

So there you have it...Not to mention hanging out with my Sis RULES....

Okay and so...Now Im off to go get inundated with crap jobs again today..but its okay I suppose...makes the day go whizzin by...




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