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5:42 a.m. - September 17, 2004
Panel Trucks and Sis
Im fuckin TIRED and I am not sure why....

Adrian called last night and was goin on and on about how when I get there he needs help with his Panel Truck. So todays agenda is to get all the info I can on a 1949 Chevy PAnel and KNOW this fuckin think before I hit the road. Have I mentioned how much he means to me? He is so fuckin cool....

Russ comes home tomorrow THANK GOD I need to talk to him. I was gonna call hi last night but I figgered that wasnt the right thing to do. Sooooooooooo Ill be awaiting for him patiently.

Michael has some girl coming to stay here this weekend from Chicago. I plan on getting stuff out of the garage and repacking boxes. I dont know what he is gonna do. Im glad he has money to go out. I fuckin DONT.

I looked at the for rent sign in the front yard yesterday. Key Master wrote on it that they are raising the rent 200.00 per month and where I paid a 500.00 deposit ...he is raising the deposit to 1700.00. FUCK THAT!!!! Thats more than triple what I paid. I guess he is glad to see me go huh? AHAHA

On a different note. I am worried about my sis. She is so tired with the baby and getting up and down all night feeding him. She isnt getting any sleep and is crying and getting sick with flu symptoms. I really need to be there to relieve her a bit and let her sleep. I can say tho that I Am absolutely SURE I dont want a baby. POSITIVE! However I wish there was something I could do to help her out a bit. I time I guess.

Well its off to shower and get my shit done. Yee haw!



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