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5:57 a.m. - September 22, 2004
Russ is Going!!!
OMG I have been uber busy and running late like every single day.

But 90% of the house is packed and the fact I am leaving is staring me straight in the face. So here is a brief recap of whats goin on...

I was gonna stay home and chill of Friday but, Chantel called and insisted that I go with her to Canyon Inn. It was the last time I will see Sammy and the guys play so, even tho I had no money, I went for giggles....

Then saturday I spent the majority of the day packing up the den and getting that shit done. Michael had a friend here from Chicago and I think he was a bit pissed that I was packing while she was here. Oh well Sorry. I text messaged Russ a few times and asked him if he was gonna go with me and he said he didnt know...that he needed more time. Whatever I can do this alone.

Sunday I got up and went to the garage and dug thru crap. Then Russ and I talked a bit and still no change. So I chilled here and packed and went thru crap. Still getting the evil eye frm Michael BUT...he was pre occupied with the chick that was here so I was like who cares.

Then Monday the Vikings lost to the Eagles...Fuckin Dante fumbled a touchdown. RIDICULOUS...and when zi was in the kitchem Michael came in and said that he was gonna move out the first week in Oct and was only gonna pay 1/2 the rent and I about flipped. UM I told him that no he had to pay the full amount period. And when I got money back I would give him money back. Now he is really really pissed. Oh well sorry. I was out running errands and decided to downsize my load and text messaged Russ askin him if he wanted to buy the BBQ grill...he text me back saying "you dont wanna take it with us?"

Yea hes going! YAY!!!! Now to find jobs and a home...YIKES!

Yesterday I hadta dye my hair when I got home...but I was also very productive. I sold Russ' car on the day we leave for 500.00 and thats gonna help plaus got a few other things handled, Like the hamster and fish are gone. I could give about the hamster but I do miss fish. I had him over 2 years...damn beta ahaha..Mark took them.

This weekend is gonna be a busy one. I am going to a gig at the galaxy with Britt and Jaynie and Chantel. e are going to see Best of Seven. The guitar player in the band tried one time to get me to fuck him in the bathroom at the bow...he is nuts.

Sunday is Vikings watching at the corner office with Mark and then Monday I am skipping work and going to Price is Right. Mark is taking me as a departing cool s that?????????

LAst night I talked onthe phone to Adrian for 70 minutes...damn thats just like old times! I love him

So anyways on that note I am off to shower and get the hel outty here...



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