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6:03 a.m. - September 23, 2004
My Dates Runneth Over
Harly decided last night when I was brushing my teeth to bite the FUCK outta my eyebrow. I guess makeup is in order here...YIKES! Still hurts like a bitch.

I have found that it si funny when you tell people (men) you are moving away ...all of the sudden everyone wants to take you out. I guess when I was a resident I was too close and now that I am moving away I am 'safe'. Its fucking NUTS!!! Topher called yesterday we are having dinner one night next weekend...(thats gonna be a killer cuz I still have really deep feelings for him...but I think he reminds me so much of Adrian its sick and thats why)

I am going out with Darrell from 'Best of Seven" tonight...He at one time tried to "Pig" on me and had asked me at the Rainbow to fuck him in the bathroom in the kitchen...UH..NO....but now that we have gotten to know eachother I dig him. I finally meet a guy out here that KNOWS whats up. He is from Missouri..Loves waffle house...usedta play the Basement and Dallas City Limits in Texas...he misses southern food and ..Okay Im not gonna get into it cuz well...NO. I am not gonna like anyone...

Then this guy Victor called last night twice. He is an electrician (sub contractor) at work and had asked me out at the beginning of the summer and never called me. well it comes full circle that he was married and going thru a nasty divorce...blah blah blah...fact is he has NO I dont think that will happen. He does know how to talk the talk tho. Unfortunately he wont shut UP.

I think I am gonna cancel Britt on Sat and reschedule with her. And possible Chantel since my friend Jaynie is going. That way I dont hafta buy any tickets. Darrell Said he can get me two MAYBE 3 tix...we will see....

I am totally starting to stress over not having a place to live and my crap ass credit. I found a couple of places I like but my sister got me all freaked out on my credit problems AND then there is the job factor. I am gonna start callign the temp service on tuesday like a crazy person and makin her NUTS.

Well since harley bit me and I am having anxiety attacks I am gonna go take a shower and skeedaddle early so I can get Starbucks...




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