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5:44 a.m. - September 27, 2004
Shameless Reviews...Best of Seven
The weekend wasnt a complete bust. It was a little but not so bad. If I was rollin in the bejamins I prolly would be tanked still but alas I didnt get hammered. well not like last thursday anyways.

***Friday night I stayed home and went to bed at 7:30. That was nice. Then saturday I laid around all day and did laundry. Chantel came over at like 9 and we went to see Darrell's band play. They are fuckin GREAT! What a stage show and the coolest thing was that they came out and the club was playing its usual piped in music (at this particular moment it was Cheap Trick ..I want you to want me) and this fuckin band picked up right where that song was and finished it off...It was kick ass. They have a high energy stage show and it is non stop rockin and great music you can actually UNDERSTAND. You know how you get sick and fuckin tired of the heavy garage band sounds? well I dont know what makes kids these days (and in the past) think they every band hasta be the loudest, with screaming guitar solos and a singer that EATS the mic when he "sings". Best of Seven is nothing like that and totally one of the best things my ears have encountered since I left Texas. If anyone is anywhere that these guys are playing then I def suggest you go see them... AND if you are a club manger/owner and need to fill a spot..this is it ...bookem Dan-O.

Check out their tunes here BEST OF SEVEN

Yesterday (of course) I went to watch the Vikes play...and yea it was the RANDY MOSS SHOW!!

Great game!

So this week..I gotta pack some more and I am gonna go see Adrian fav band friday night at the Galaxy....the Burden Bros. Prolly go alone but who knows.

Next week is a gig in LA with Best of Seven again for TV...maybe/maybe not. And I think I may go tot LA the 8th or 9th. Ryan said he would be down here on the 10th...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Looks like denise and Mark are planning my going away party at Fountain Bowl for the 16th. I guess I could go to LA on the 15th.

I am ready to get this going (the move) before I have ANOTHER change of heart. I didnt get all choked up yesterday tho cuz I was pretty much left alone at the bar and Sammy called ALOT...that was nice but he is so f'd up its ridiculous...again I must say that Men have more drama than women...Oh wait I have said that before huh...

Okay well on another note, The Price is Right adventure was cancelled. MArk and I read soem shit about it and came to the realization we would hafta be there at 4 am and Im sorry but ...NO THANKS...i can live with out the "Big Wheel" experience. YIKES! So I am going ot work today. Its for the best I got alot to do ya know?

Okay on that note I am outty



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