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5:11 a.m. - September 28, 2004
Fuckin Michael!! ARGH!!!
Im Pissed.....

That about sums it up but good.

Michael asked me a week ago if he could pay me 250.00 in cash and let me keep his deposit and I said no that the deposit would be refunded when i got mine back.

He has taken it upon himself to call FRANK and start asking questions about me and my lease and the rent and the deposit. Russ told me last night.

I am so fuckin mad I could scream. First what he is doing is meddling in my business ? That is unacceptable. But the fact remains that his rental agreement is with me NOT frank and he has no business calling him at all PERIOD!. I wanna tell him off and then tell him to get out. But I need the money for rent or I am screwed.

So I am writing him a long bitch out letter and see if I get a response. If not Ill lock that little faggot out of my house and put his shit on the street.

I swear to god dont fuck with ME!!!!!



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