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3:56 a.m. - October 05, 2004
Agenda from Hell
Damn my schedule is fucked up. But kinda ina good way....lemme lay it out..

Tonight: Chantel and I are goin to a Video shoot with Darrell and Best of Seven in La for Music On Demand... **check it out on cable startting in November***if you have a band and wanna get on gimme a jingle*

Wednesday: Von Sean, Ryan and JayMac will be in the OC for Sean's Band Stereo Suite...they NEVER make it here so I figger I may not get to see them again so I'm going....

Thursday: Barry at work is getting married. he is a Star Wars freak like Russ. Well his geek friemds gave him a bachelor party where all they did was watch Star wars and drank...LAME LAME LAME...So all of us at work are taking him to a strip bar.

Friday: NOTHING...Sleep

Saturday: Comoany picnic...then Erika and possibly Brandy and Jill and I are going to LA to the Rainbow for a night of sick sick sickness

Sunday...fottball OH YEA....I may hafta watch it at home tho cuz Im sure not only will I be broke but tired as fuck...and Hopefully I wont be alone ...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So if my entries are off this week thats why....

Darrell called last night...he is a sugar bear....and he is gonna come out sat. too. He keeps tellingme how much longer im gonna be here...I know and it makes me sick I meet him right when I decide to leave....but he can come to OKC...seriously....

I talked to Adrian yesterday..miss him bad....

The grandmothers are glad im moving home...bah..........

I still havent spoken to Michael any. Dont care too. He makes me nauseated. I mean Im sure I can be nice if I hafta but my trust level is ZILCH with him and I want him OUT!

Russ is ready to go too I think. I hope this works out okay for us. its gonna be tough but I think we can make it.

Bobby (Big Dawg) called last ngith too...that bad boy said he would come out sat night too! YAY...LOVE LOVE LOVE him he is so much fun.

I cant wait til saturday....its gonna be RAUNCHY!!!!

Okay well since I am going to LA tonight I am takin off at 230 which means I am off for work at 6 so I mbest get it in gear...YIKES!



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