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9:11 a.m. - October 06, 2004
Music On Demand
Music on Demand was really cool last night. They did a great job and the way it was set up was awesome. This is a super cool opportunity for any local talent that wants to get some semi-big time on air exposure. If this takes off in all Markets it could be as beneficial for bands as South By Southwest is. It definately is imparative that the bands bring as many of thier fans as possible to see thier set and make sure they rock out. The first band went up and no one had any idea what was going down or what to expect. But by the time Best of Seven got up there Chantelly and I were jammin like crazy. Im sure we will get a little face time on air too (how embarassing). So thie next time it comes up to attend a taping of Music On Demand...Check it out!!! and in the mean time if you wanna see what its all about the website is




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