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5:54 a.m. - October 07, 2004
Pissed as Hell at MySpace Peeps
I posted this on MySpace today and feel it needs to go in here for the record...



I have no drama. I like it like that. Yet I am always here to listen to my 'friends' air their drama and problems OVER and OVER and OVER. I never bitch. I never tell them how SICK AS FUCK I am of hearing the same crap repeated time and time again. They want advice from time to time but dont use it and still I get the on going phone calls and emails ...DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA...I use my cell minutes listening to the endless Yammer about love gone bad (mostly), I cant find a decent Man, my job sux, bad hair days, no transportation ...whatever...on and never ends. Yet do I ever tell them to SHUT IT? much as I would like to I dont.. I listen. I watch these 'friends' put ridiculous very personal and dirty laundry all over MySpace and use this forum as a vindictive payback to try to annihilate eachother publicly to people they probably never actually meet. I watch these 'friends' actually create relationships thru here with people that are a million miles away. Whatever make you happy I say and I shut up. Even tho I know deep down inside that it is senseless...fuckin MORON...but hey you are my 'friend' so I am here to SUPPORT you and thats what I do as best I can. Well I am done...All these 'friends' that unload on me over and over never ONCE ever ask me...'whats new with you?' or 'how are you doing?' Its always them them them. I dont have alot to share really. I have a FABULOUS uncomplicated life. But I would liked to be asked how I am from time to time instead of being the one holding the phone getting cauliflower ear while 'friends' whine on and on. I never really talk too much about any of this crap but when it is aired all over MySpace and people ask me whats going on cuz somehow they know these 'friends' talk to me not gonna lie to anyone. If you are stupid enough to have Myspace be your forum of your life...and live thru it like it is your personal elEctronic heartbeat...dont get pissed at ME when people start asking questions and finding shit out. If it was THAT personal and confidential you wouldnt POST it for all the world to see on the net. AND may I add, you have no fucking right to get mad at anyone if this shit is put out there by YOU in the first place. You want total confidentiality? KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!.

I have a very SMALL cluster of people I actually let into my life...there are a handful people on MySpace that I consider close friends and alot I consider aquaintances...and you close friends KNOW who you are....why? WE HANG OUT (when we can)..yea can you believe that??? Actually get out from behind this idiot box and go do stuff together ..AND they ask me "hey Vix whats new?" The rest of you that I dont hang out with on a regular basis or have had only drunken bullshit social encounters with can take your drama and call someone else cuz I am sick as fuck of it...yep fed up...tired of it. I tried but I cant do it anymore.

As for the rest of you Ill see ya at the Bar....

The doctor is OUT!



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