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8:08 p.m. - October 13, 2004
A bad day..but is done
Chaos...thats how things are right now Total Chaos.

Not so much in a bad way just trying to tye up loose ends before I leave sunny so-cal.

I did have a pretty shitty day today. I got up 3 hours (yes you read that right) 3 hours late. The when I got to the South Street facility I couldnt clock in (which i might add worked out in my favor). So then I get a message from Russ that the oil pump is going out on his to make that long story short we had to unload it today and it ened up bringing us 150.00 LESS than we had planned on. If he had sold it when I told him and let his friends pick him up we woulda gotten 500.00. THEN the elcetricity got cut off...I had told them the 23rd NOT the 13th so I hadta leave work and go pay that...then when I get back (all dirty and yuk feelin i get called from the goat hill lawyer that I gotta be in court at 830 tomorrow...JACKASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But other than that the move is coming along. Alot of crap is packed and I am just ready to get on the road. I wanna see my niece and nephew and just get the hell outta dodge.

So I am so bad for not writing like I need to but my hours have been off so It may be night may be day...check the dates and the time and youll know whats up....

I do have a bowling party this weekend with the buds..should be good...Ill miss them...

Im out...



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