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3:59 a.m. - October 15, 2004
Last Friday and the Goat Hill Wins!
I am trying so hard to wake up. 3 am comes quick but I need the fuckin money and to get into work at 530 or 6 and make the extra cash...well I need it for the trip.

Well its my last friday in California. JayMac said he was going to come down here but he said that last friday and it didnt happen. At this point I dont care really. I have laundry to do and finish up some packing. I am glad that I took aver a month to tell people goodbye. I dont think I could of done this in a week. By giving myself this much time reality had enough time to set in and I am thinking alot clearer.

I came to a conclusion that the Adrian thing may have just been a nudge for me to get moving. I do love him but the phone calls (going both ways) have subsided and I am more focused on me and my new frinds, family and the move, finding a job and getting settled in. Also in the mean time I have been talkingto a fabulous guy in OKC and I would like to see where that goes. I know that adrian will always hold a part of my heart. And maybe the feeling will change when I see him...but honestly I dont think so. We had fun..I am ready to move on ...with everything.

Its strange how life works sometimes.

So the weekend unfolds like this...

Packing of course...
tonight Jay and I may go out..not too sure on that one yet...but if we do it'll be to the Goat

Then tomorrow Denise and Mark are giving me a going away party at Fountain fun cosmic bowling

then back to finish up packing and clean this place. We are pulling out on the 22nd in the AM. Its gonna be a long hard drive but I think we can do it.

Speaking of the Goat Hill and completely off topic...I had to go to court for them yesterday and testify against the guy I had thrown out back in 2003. This assclown shoulda taken the offer that the goat made but he decided he would take it to trial...he lost...verdict came back 9-3 in fovor of the goat hill not liable for anything for this guy. WOOOO HOOOO...even if Jay doesnt come down tonight I need to go to the goat to say congrats and goodbye to those guys...

well I am off to shower and another 10 hour day in the hell pit I call a job. I actually hafta work today....




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