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4:30 a.m. - October 19, 2004
Random Jabber
I am so disoriented. I woke up today thinking it is saturday. Wierd.

I think that I failed to mentioned that outta the blue last week the jew emmailed me chattin me up with 'how are you and the birds' Fucker. He was telling me he wanted to come up for a beer if HE has the guts to come and face me. Denise said it was a good thing that he didnt. She said I need to just shut that door and be done with it. And ya know ..she is right.

So its tuesday and I get to go spend another day acting busy at work. I am ready to get on with the drive. I need to go to the AAA office and get a map for the sake of the gods and look at where we are going....OR I can throw caution to the wind and just DO IT.

So tonight I think I have dinner plans and tomorrow I am gonna wrap up the packing. Michael is pulling out tomorrow so anything that is left behind I gotta pack up. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

We shall see what happens with all that. I still dont know where I am gonna sleep thursday night. I guess in the den on the floor. UGH. I wont even have a TV. I prolly wont sleep anyways just play on the puter all night. SO if anyone out there wants to chat on the net with me thursday night lemme know. Ill be here.

I wanna say thank you to the 2 peeps that have been here for me during my mood swings, rants, tears and trauma...Cyanide, guys mean the world to me and if it wasnt for the positive outlook from Cyanide and the bitch slappin from Vito I would prolly be in a rubber room in a very nice stylish white jacket....I love you both very much!

Well on that I am outty and ill add more manana..




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