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4:27 a.m. - October 20, 2004
Jacked Up and Ready to Go
Wanna talk about JACKED UP?

I got jacked up yesterday at my sister so fuckin bad. We are okay NOW but she laid into me about Laura (the gal I am renting a place from in OKC) and how she hasnt got my place ready and blah blah blah..then she went off about how she carries the family and all this crap...dude..I basically told her when she fell off her holier than thou high horse to call me. Lauras dad has pancreatic cancer and had surgery on Monday...Kelli couldnt seem to understand HOW that would keep her from being able to find carpet for my place...CRIMANY...

Well long story short she told me I trust people way too much...maybe I do BUT that instinct has been pretty right on for a while. I miss every now and then BUT...more often than not im dead on when it comes to predicting people.

So I am going with Melissa and Marty to Rainforest Cafe tonight for dinner. They are taking me as my last meal ..hahahaha.

Tomorrow is d-day...pick up the truck and get GONE. I am ready for a change. It was funny last night my phone rang off the hook and I didnt answer it. I just didnt wanna cry ya know...Jill, Britt, Chantel....I AM gonna miss them...Denise and I are going to the goat tomorrow night sometime for a drink..Maybe they can all come out then...

Ya know I could stay in California forever. And I am sure I will be back someday...but for now Family comes first...and I am off to see if there is more out there than the Rainbow and LA and Beaches...




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