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2:35 p.m. - November 01, 2004
Im HERE!!!
Well I know it has been a week..maybe more since I wrote so first and foremost I wanna say I made it to OKC ...Yea I been fuckin busy as HELL unpacking and getting situated SOOOOO..BACK OFF!!!

So lets see lemme recap the 'move' then I will bring all up to speed on events since arrival....

Well packing up in So-Cal was a pain in the ass and I couldnt of done it without my neighbors Angie and Kevin...However their agenda was to take whatever we were throwing out. Who cares anyways right? Hell we BARELY got what we needed into the truck we rented. It wasnt big enough and we had to leave behind lawn chairs and shit.

Then when we finally took off we got 5 blocks from the house and the serpentine belt shredded. We were stuck in the middle of Bristol by Target waiting on a repair guy. When this assclown finally showed up, he didnt have any clue how the belt went on. So, 3 hrs later (5pm) we finally get up and running and only make it to Apple Valley. The fucking traffic was going 10 MPH and it was 8 by the time we got there. we were stressed and pissy and all that jazz by then so we stopped.

The next day we bonzai ran across the entire state of arizona and made it from Apple Valley to New Mexico. When we reached Flagstaff there was snow on the ground and the truck started white smoking. NO ONE at U-Haul could help us so we said fuck it and kept going. The problem that I saw later was that the smoke was being caught in the cover on my car..and so when I went to check it there was black soot embedded all over my car. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK...***it did come off tho thank the gods)

We spent the night in some hooker motel in NM and headed out the next morning for OKC. We stopped in Groom for a bite to eat and then arrived in OKC at 8pm.

My parents were a pain in the ass cuz they wanted us to unpack the buirds at their house...UHM we had to unpack them and then spent the night at the parentals. The next day we unpacked and in a way we still are unpacking even tho we are here for a week now.

Okay now...lets see...I do like it far okay except I dont have a job...That guy Bruce I met online isheavenly we went out last monday night to eat and have drinks and then he came over on tuesday. He is a gem as he has job leads for me...YAY!!!

Thursday night Laura and Ellen and the 'gals' were going to the Green Door to see Alpha MAle and the Dwarves...There I was intorduced to Jeremy and OMIGOD I am totally in like with him...On the subject of the music scene here...very punk but fun and I think I am gonna dig the fact I can get a buzz for 10 bux!!! YAY!!! I met pretty much all of the 'gang' and one thing I can say about them is there is never a loss of people to go out with unlike the 'gang' in So-Cal. THESE people like to go out and drink and for that I am Happy!!!!

My downstairs neightbor Craig is delightful and he had a lil shindig sat night to intorduce me to the neighbors..Then I went to HiLo and hung out and Jeremy showed up. We hung out alot then he called when he got home....Last night I went to his buddies house to watch the fights..It was good and he is a great guy....

Bruce called today and I may see him later...we will see...

I am getting wierd about not having a job so tomorrow and the rest of the week I am going out and pounding the pavement...I promose I will update back on schdule as promised...

Just know Im here and the birds made it A-Ok too...yippee!!!



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