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7:09 p.m. - November 03, 2004
I got a JOB!!!
Well things are startignto look up...I got a job today as an executive Admin Asst for a power and light company downtown. THANK THE GODS...I mean I know I have only been here a week BUT I was beginning to freak the fuck out with no money.

Russ has played HELL trying to get a drivers license here. He let his expre in cali and then to get one here he hasta have a car that is registered and insurance and all that BS...

I took him to the DMV monday and he couldnt do it and then Craig downstairs took him and it started has been one thing after another every fuckin time. And I get pissed cuz I dont feel like Russ is really trying at all...he is just sitting there waiting for us all to do everything. I finally had to tell mom this AM that if they wanted to know something about what Russ was doing that they can ask him cuz I dont know.

So anyways I have to be at work at 8 am and then get off work at 5...grab dinner and head down to the Green door for Metal Church and to see Jeremy....

I went to VOX magazine today to get in with the editor to see if he could use me and so I am waiting to hear back...I am pretty sure he will say thanks but no thanks...even tho alot of people that read this shit think its good...who knows really ya know?

OKC may not be ready for what I got to say...

On that note Im gonna go wash my hair and get ready for bed ...soooooo

Peace Fuckers!



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