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2:08 p.m. - November 05, 2004
A Day of Boredom & Pissed Off
Well day two at the new job....Yea I got a semi legit (I say that cuz I was placed thru a temp agency)with OG&E which is Oklahoma Gas & Electric in the Enogex Strategic Development Department...Dont ask cuz I dont know...but if you wanna investigate then here is the website


I havent done anything yet ...and the boss' are out at a seminar today soooooo...its been alotta nada for the last two days. I am sure and hoping that next week I am actually busy and learnign ...OH and I need to get on some sort of ROUTINE....

As for the social stuff...I came home form work yesterday and stopped in at my downstairs neightbor Craigs house...fucker gets me hammered all the damn time I am dead serious!!! I drank with him til 7 then I was supposed to meet Jeremy in Bricktown last night at the Metal Church show... but things got all screwed up and I didnt see him...cest la vie....

Bruce called and that was good..he is gonna come by tonight i think...hmmm we will see I guess...itll be late tho cuz he has a shoot in South Norman at 7. GAY GAY GAY

Lindsay...a neighbor called last night askign if she could give a guy she knows my cell number...sure you can girlie!!!

Ie been spending alot of time with my sister...THAT is good...

Russ FINALLY got his fucking drivers license done...big fuckin moron and i am fixing to call craig and see f he has seen him or what cuz that bastard best be gettin a job or im gonna kill his monkey ass seriously!!!!

Well on a whim I called him and all he has done all day is sleep and eat..I am NOT giving him any money o helpign him one bit...My fam has bought him a car and arranged for him to get some sort of job and now that he can go get soemthing he isnt doing a MOTHER FUCKING THING! I am so mad I could spit.

Tonight i have no Plans. Bruce may comeby and I am gonna hang with Craig prolly...Tomorrow I am goign to work for dad for some green and then stay home and move the stove inside....Sunday craig is cooking soooooo.....(on a side note I did tell Craig NOT to keep feeding Russ as Russ will have no motivation to do anything)

Okay well enough of that Im gonna go back to doing NOTHING at work but sit here and fume over Russ' laziness......



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