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8:10 a.m. - November 09, 2004
Getting My Life On Track
I know it has been a while since I wrote....and I know I said I would try harder....BUT...I am still trying to get back on track and get a routine of happiness set in.

I got a good job now I just gotta get a groove. My groove would be a whole lot better if my rommate would get his lazy ass outta bed and get a job.

The problem with Russ is that he isnt aggressive at all. So his idea of looking for a job is filling out an application and dropping it off and then...going home and waiting to be called up. He doesnt ask to speak with someone, he doesnt ask who to call back or check on...he just sits, and sits, and sits, and sits...fuckin ridiculous.

In the mean time I am kinda layin low, spending time with the birds and getting my shit in order. I am working at OG&E and also for my dad at the car lot on saturdays...I fuigure after the first of the year I should be right on track A-OK.

For the record I do enjoy it here so far..less the bullshit at home and the semi-drama I get from mom and pops from time to time...I think I may stay for a while....



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