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6:59 p.m. - December 09, 2004
Shameless Reviews..Total Chaos
Stumbling into a hole of a club early in the evening I found myself wondering why I even bother sometimes�But needing a night out, and knowing that Total Chaos was playing how could I resist?

(Me and Brandy at the Green Door)

The Green Door was a wasteland when I got there�I can�t believe that this place would book such a great band on such a shitty night. Okay granted I know NOTHING of their booking policies or, of what Total Chaos has going on (I know they have been on the road forever) so I�ll go with a Wednesday night. But some of the local bands that I have seen roll thru here and headline, makes me quote my friend who would say �I can�t stay here any longer with these horrible noises�. What I am getting at is, that THIS band is way too good to be playing on a Wednesday night in Bricktown.

Cover was 7 bucks (as opposed to the usual 10). Maybe this was because one band cancelled. I could of probably gotten on the guest list but I just don�t ask ya know?�its not my style�.Plus if I really dig a band, damn straight I�m gonna pay. The only HUGE issue I have with the bars in Oklahoma is the NASTY weak beer and the fact that most live music venues are all ages. It�s a bit disconcerting to see a bunch of folks with big black X�s on their hands. But hey, if they aren�t there�then there�s no Mosh pit right?

Okay so let me just say that if you haven�t ever caught a Total Chaos show�and even if you aren�t so much into the whole �punk� scene�get off your ass and catch this because these guys are great. I�m talking actual REAL talent on stage. Not a bunch of kids with instruments that they cant play, screaming as loud as possible into a mic, jumping around like spastic banshees and calling it PUNK. Here we have Shawn Smash rippin up the guitar and his voice has range that is just unreal (and as a plug for his new band...I can�t WAIT for 17 Crash to tour�.stay tuned!).

Charlie is phenomenal on Bass�you can hear it and FEEL it when he plays and there just ain�t much better than THAT.

Now let me also say�these guys did a great job especially when at the last minute they had to get a drum kit from a friend due to the fact that the van with the one they were going to use broke down, and that band didn�t even make it�Gearbox�props to you bro for pulling it together on a kit you weren�t familiar with.

Rob�what can one say about the voice of the resistance? He is insane on stage and can get his point across like no body�s business. It has got to be hard, ya know, being on the road, coming to a place like OKC, getting the news part of your gear isn�t gonna make it and seeing that it is a sparse crowd to say the least�but you would have thought that he was singing to a packed house and that is ROCK my friends�.

All in all it was a great show and here are a few photos to prove it�I say�put on the leather and spikes and head out for a night of hella-punk when these guys roll through your town�

You can get the Total Chaos Schedule here at

Before I close this I do need to say that I saw something I have never seen before�AND may I add, that if someone had TOLD me I would have not believed it. There was a guy�A �One Man Band� if you will. This cat played a bass drum, a snare, a guitar, high hat cymbals and I still don�t know what else. All while he is wearing his (I am thinking) official �Robin the Boy Wonder� mask and eating the microphone. Now I could say something really crude here but I will refrain from it�you all know something to the tune of��I know some gals that couldn�t do THAT�. ANYWAY�this was strange�and loud. And even though I am going to give this cat props for doing this, a few questions crossed my mind�.First�if his buds called him up and wanted to go out, would he say �I can�t I have band practice.� Or if he broke a drumhead or a guitar string would he say �Your OUTTA the Band!� I also wondered where the little monkey with the tin cup was because for just a second I thought I was back on Venice beach.

Peace Fuckers!

Oh and let me add too that I am going to be writing now for Sugarbuzz Magazine....This will be published next week ill post the link so you guys can at least SEE it..



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