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11:20 a.m. - December 21, 2004
Im in Hell.

Flat out just right in the middle of HELL.

And the funny thing is I am not mad or miserable. Im BORED.

I know i used to bitch all the time that my 'friends' in California were all a bunch of slackers that didnt ever wanna go do anything with me. BUT the fact was that there I had friends to not do anything with.

Here...theres just no friends and nothing to really do. Brandi moved hereto be with me...and she has done nothing but stuck her head firmly up Dave (her new BF's) anus.

How can it be I cant find a decent man and I have been all over and she gets one everywhere she goes???? Oh wait...quality of guy? AND I wont settle.

Now to the latest...

Tulsa (Joey) is nuts...seriously. He posted shit about me in his Blog on MySpace..and he is hostile and mean...insults me every chance he gets. Do I care? I did..not so much anymore. Do I wanna see him again? I did..not so much anymore.

Jesse is moving here next month...He is in the Navy in San Diego and getting out and moving here to be near fam..we get along great..on and offline...he is dreamy...we will see where that ship pun intended...

Lucky is my editor and Boss at Sugarbuzz Magazine...HE rocks me....MAJORLY and I am gonna stay with him when I go to LA in March...nuff said there...

Anyways...the yule holiday is falling on us and I am again looking forward (not really) to New Years Eve and my Birthday followed up by a tremendous Valentines day...(detect the sarcasm?)

I wanna go back to cali...yea just to go to the Bow where people love me for ME.



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